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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle By Tom Venuto
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This Amazing And Inspirational Anti-Aging, Health And Fitness Book Reveals How You Can Lose All The Weight You Want, And Slash 10-15 Years Off The Way You Look And Feel

Dear Friend,

If you are over 40 years of age and you would like to transform yourself from fat to fit, unhealthy to healthy, out of shape to in shape, then this message is for you. If you are under 40 and you want to STAY fit, healthy and in shape after you turn 40, then keep your eyes glued to this page because this message is for you as well.

My name is Tom Venuto, author of the #1 best selling e-book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Now, in collaboration with my friend and colleague Jon Benson, we are introducing a groundbreaking new e-book that will inspire thousands, and possibly millions of people to achieve physical greatness at any age - 40, 50, 60, 70, even 80 and beyond!

Many years ago when Jon was out of shape and slowly dying, he took a principle he learned from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins - seeking out role models - and he applied it to his own life. The results were remarkable!

Jon said, "I can honestly say that my role models were the KEY to my success and continue to be so. Reading the stories of men like Dave Draper, Clarence Bass, Richard Winett, Frank Zane and many others, helped me completely turn my life around."

After years of illness and obesity, Jon is now a highly successful Transformational Coach and fitness/nutrition counselor. Last year, Jon was thinking about writing an e-book about his personal philosophies on fitness training and body transformation based on the breathtaking success he's had with his personal coaching clients. However, he decided that a book written by "role models" would be an even more powerful work.

The result is our partnership on a book called "Fit Over 40: Role models for excellence at any age."

Instead of one man's ideas on training, nutrition and motivation, this new e-book will spotlight 50 success stories - told in their own words - from men and women of various ages and lifestyles, ranging from housewives to Mr. Universe title winners&. From 40 to 80 years young.

Jon has written the first chapter of the book, which details his own personal struggle with his weight and his health. He tells the story of the devastating consequences of an inactive and undisciplined life, and how he ultimately transformed himself and maintains the incredible condition he currently displays at 40 years of age.

Jon has invited me to conclude the book with a chapter of "how to" information about nutrition, aerobics, weight training, supplements, losing fat, gaining muscle, and of course the psychology and mindset of physical excellence after age 40.

While the focus of the book is on the physical accomplishments, the book took on new life when "The Excellence Mindset" was introduced. Talk about inspiration! To read how someone trains and diets is all good and well, but how they "think" and what "motivates" them is the real source of their achievements!

Everyone chosen to be in "Fit Over 40" had to fit the criteria of being a "TRUE ROLE MODEL". We have spotlighted people who have achieved and maintained a state of physical excellence in bodybuilding, bodyshaping, or extreme physical fitness at the age of 40 and above. These are real people with real stories who were willing and generous enough to share them with the world:

  • A 55-year-old former skid row alcoholic who found rehab and relief from addictions through strength training and exercise!
  • A 46-year-old morbidly obese man from Chicago who lost 130 pounds in one year, and is now a fitness addict who competes in skyscraper stair sprinting races - placing in the top 8% of the field (including the USA's tallest building - the Sears Tower!)
  • A 45 year old, married with 4 children, who does 3 sets of 10 chin ups with ease& and SHE also bench presses 200 pounds!
  • A 62-year-old man who looks better today than he did at 22, despite a destructive detour into booze and drugs, and congestive heart failure at 48!
  • A Florida politician in his 50s overcomes diabetes and becomes a competitive bodybuilder
  • A 47-year-old mother of 2 who, once obese, now has the body of a 20-year-old!
  • A 51-year-old bodybuilding competitor who, just a few years ago, was a 250-pound couch potato!
  • A "heart-cripple" who literally regenerated 75% of his dead heart tissue and now competes in bodybuilding - at the age of 74! (His tissue regeneration was clinically documented by his amazed and stunned physicians.)
  • A 49 year old man who overcame Multiple Sclerosis, a ruptured nerve and agonizing pain and built a body that would impress Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • A man is blasted 300 feet through the air in an explosion that killed 10 others, paralyzing him from the chest down& in his 40's, undaunted, he goes on to become healthy, lean, fit and one of the world's greatest wheelchair athletes and an inspiration to millions
  • A 56 year old vegan bodybuilder who was once paralyzed and spent two years in a wheelchair& who now runs, skis, rides horses, lifts weights& and she's an actress and stuntwoman too!

By "modeling" the same mindsets, nutrition plans and exercise methods that these 50 people did, an older man or woman can look forward to enjoying the following benefits:

  • A thin, lean waistline
  • A better sex life
  • Impressive muscularity
  • Higher levels of naturally-released growth hormone
  • Remarkable energy and stamina
  • Increased mental alertness
  • A stronger heart
  • Reduced biological age
  • A powerful immune system
  • More ZEST for life!
  • And much, much more

These are just a few of the comments Jon and I have received so far in response to Fit Over 40:

"Fit Over 40 is like a cross between Body For Life and Chicken Soup For The Soul. This type of combination between how-to information and inspiration is what the fitness industry has been missing for a long time.

Kostas Marangopoulos
Founder of Body For Lifers.Com

"Man, I can't believe how inspiring your new book is. That's powerful stuff -- all those pictures, personal stories, and how-to, rolled into one package."

Charles Burke - Japan
Author of Command Luck and Inside The Minds Of Winners

"This is not a book just about staying or being fit. It is a book which takes fitness to a much higher level than what we see today. A brilliant combination of real-life stories with messages and information about staying fit in body, mind and spirit. Read it for the priceless information, inspiration and motivation and use it to keep yourself fit forever. This is real dynamite material."

John Harricharan
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Award-winning author of the bestseller,
When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat

"I just had to send a quick message to tell you how much I enjoyed the 50 success stories. Amazing! What inspiration! A couple of them made me cry. From out of the ashes of loss rises a wonderful new life."

-Maxine Johnson,

"I am not kidding when I say my wife and I were simply stunned as we paged through this book. This isn't just a guide. This is total inspiration and motivation. The stories will have a tremendous impact and help you realize what is truly possible. If you have trouble believing in you, then read these stories of others who believed in themselves and prove that no excuse is good enough to join the ranks of the 400,000 who perish each year due to poor diet and lack of exercise. They decided not to play their victim cards and instead share their powerful victories with you and I in this inspirational work."

Jeremy Likness
Author, "Lose Fat, Not Faith"

Here's the best part: As a part of a special promotional offer, you can also get 4 valuable FREE bonus e-books worth $79.80 with the purchase of the Fit Over 40 ebook. These bonuses alone are worth more than what the entire ebook costs! They include:

  • The Best Natural Ways To Increase Your Testosterone (42 page ebook, $19.95 value, FREE)
  • The Menopause Solution: How to Outsmart your hormones, get fit and get on with life (e-book, $19.95 value, FREE)
  • Why Grow Old, The Timeless Classic By Orison Swett Marden, With New Forward By Tom Venuto, (ebook, $19.95 value, FREE)
  • Mr. Universe Bill Pearl's Secrets To Fitness At Any Age, (e-transcript, $19.95 value, FREE)

Optimal health and a high level of fitness is possible at ANY AGE; all it takes is the inspiration and the information. This book is ONLY book of it's kind in the world that provides you with the best of BOTH!

This offer may not be available for long. Time is of the essence. I urge you to look at this now - It really could change your life! To get all the details immediately, click on the link below:

To your health and success!

Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT,
Author, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Co-Author, Fit Over 40: Role Models for Excellence at Any Age

To order or get more information about losing fat and getting fit at any age, visit:

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