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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle By Tom Venuto
How to lose stubborn body fat - natural bodybuilding champion reveals all the secrets...

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The Fat Burn Files By Tom Venuto
10 uncensored interviews with a renegade fitness guru reveal the amazing body-changing secrets...
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The Fat Burn Files: 10 Interviews
With A "Renegade" Fitness Guru Reveal...

"How To Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning,
Muscle-Building Machine... Without Pills,
Powders, Drugs, Crash Diets Or Any Other
Body-Building Or Weight Loss Industry B.S."

From: The Desk Of Tom Venuto
Date: December 6th, 2006

Dear friend,

the fat burn files by tom venuto

It's long over due, but it's finally here! THE FAT BURN FILES - the brand new, totally uncensored, “secret” interviews e-book - is now available.

Inside this new compilation of interviews, I was "interrogated" by 10 of the top fat loss, fitness and bodybuilding experts in the world...

And now, these candid and revealing interviews have been transcribed and compiled into a hot new, full-length (265 pages), professionally edited and designed ebook.

Get Candid, Honest Answers
That The Diet And Supplement Industries
Want To Keep You From Learning

The information you will learn in these interviews will not only shock you, it's going to blow the lid off the supplement companies and their "fat burning" and "muscle-building" snake oil, and totally expose the diet companies and their rapid weight loss gimmicks...

Most of those “pill pushing” supplement company executives don’t like me anyway, because so many people stopped buying their bogus products after I taught them how to burn fat or even get lean to the point of being “ripped” with nothing but:

  • Regular food you can get at your local supermarket
  • The right combination of weight training and cardio training
  • A few motivational techniques using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and neuroscience-based subconscious re-programming...

But even if "they" hate me for revealing the truth, I've never been one to keep quiet when it comes to exposing bodybuilding and fitness industry myths and lies... so to heck with em!

The BIG Supplement Company LIE!

tom venuto front lat spread pose

Even though there are some supplements that may be helpful to your bodybuilding or fat burning endeavors, the big supplement company lie is that you MUST take supplements or you will not be able to reach your goals. This is absolutely FALSE!

The picture to your right shows my winning condition at a recent natural bodybuilding competition (which was fully drug tested). At 5' 8" tall and an onstage weight of 175 lbs, I am by no means massive like the pro (steroid using) bodybuilders, however, this photo proves what type of condition you can achieve using no drugs and no supplements (outside of basics like vitamin/mineral, EFA's and protein powder). It also shows that symmetry and high levels of muscular definition can create the illusion of much greater muscle size.

I realize that most people don't want to be bodybuilders and most people don't need to reach 3.7% body fat like I show in this photograph, but if I can reach an "extreme" level of muscular definition and extremely low body fat with NO steroids and almost NO supplements, then think about how easily you could reach YOUR goals if you knew what I know!

Imagine achieving stunning muscularity with 10% body fat if youre a man or 17% body fat if youre a woman. Or... if you choose to take it further... imagine getting "ripped to shreds" and competing in a bodybuilding, fitness or figure competition with single digit body fat!.. WITHOUT wasting a dime on "miracle supplements" or taking the risks of using drugs?

Forget About All The "Miracle Pills"...
Let Me Show You How To Get Lean And Muscular - NATURALLY!

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of most people achieving their muscle growth or fat loss goals is that fact that men and women all over the world are STILL getting ripped off every day with every new crop of “miracle” products that keep coming out every single year...

You are also getting continually "sold" on the ideas that there is an "easy way" or that you must take supplements or that fat burning pills have any substantial and lasting result - when meanwhile the obesity and disease rates keep going up every year!!!

As fast as I can educate people that there is NO QUICK FIX, the diet companies keep coming out with the so called “next big thing.” What a bunch of bull. It’s all the same old scams in different wrappers.

The few supplements that really are getting scientific support tend to be over-hyped and advertised with exagerrated claims (they may work, but they don't work THAT well.) This makes it downright difficult to separate what's legit from what's a scam, and it casts a dark shadow over the entire supplement industry as a whole.

My mission, through all my websites, newsletters, books and especially this new e-book, the THE FAT BURN FILES, is to help put an end to all this nonsense… To FINALLY help you not only learn how to burn fat AND gain muscle, but also to give you the knowledge, skills and savvy to NEVER waste your time or money on diet or exercise frauds EVER AGAIN!

Not Just Another "Fat Loss" Book...
Get Answers To Hundreds Of Questions About Bodybuilding
Nutrition And Muscle Building Training Techniques

Don’t let the name (THE FAT BURN FILES) lead you to thinking that this ebook is only about burning fat. I covered fat burning exhaustively in my #1 bestselling ebook, BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE at ( This new ebook is also a book about gaining muscle!

In addition to de-bunking the myths about supplements and other fitness industry gimmicks, and on top of detailed discussions about fat loss, THE FAT BURN FILES answers dozens of questions about bodybuilding training and nutrition and how to build muscle the healthy and natural way - without steriods.

You will get answers to questions about functional training versus bodybuilding training, using supersets and high density training for increased fat loss and muscle growth, pros and cons of high intensity interval cardio, secrets of weight training progression, how to maximize recovery and avoid overtraining, how to work around injuries and much, much more!

THE FAT BURN FILES is such a unique collection of information because of the way it reveals everything that DOESN’T work as well as what DOES work for burning fat and gaining muscle… all in a fascinating, entertaining personal interview format.

You can see a preview of each of the 10 chapters (interviews) and a short description listed below.


  • Chapter 1: Mission Abdominals – Training and nutrition secrets to burn fat and chisel your six pack abs… plus the telltale warning signs that instantly expose all the diet and weight loss frauds (pgs 8 – 50 – note: A few “insiders” have already seen this interview, and anyone who has already read “mission abdominals” is going to go bananas over the other 9 interviews!)

  • Chapter 2: Superstar fat loss tips – Diet, cardio and weight training secrets to get you leaner, faster… learn fat loss tips, fat loss mistakes and Tom’s fat loss advice for getting an overweight actor ready to be a Hollywood action hero (pgs 41 - 58)

  • Chapter 3: Extreme and controversial fat loss techniques – Uncover the pros and cons of aggressive, advanced fat loss tactics and hear critiques of current fat loss trends (pgs 60-70)

  • Chapter 4: Succeeding in fitness, in business and in life – An exciting new viewpoint on motivation that could hurl you towards total success – more career success, more fitness success, more life success (pgs 72-94)

  • Chapter 5: The fat loss guru’s guidelines – Fat loss simplified for daily life… forget the confusing scientific stuff, this is what you actually have to do every day in the real world to get lean (pgs 96-115)

  • Chapter 6: All natural bodybuilding and fat loss secrets – how to get a movie star, fitness model or bodybuilder physique without drugs, pills or plastic surgery (pgs 118-144)

  • Chapter 7: The bodybuilder’s method to maximum muscle and minimum fat – What every man and woman can learn from bodybuilders about losing weight and gaining muscle (pgs 146-166)

  • Chapter 8: Overcoming fat loss and muscle building challenges – How to triumph over adversity and achieve your biggest fitness goals, this year, no matter what! (pgs 168-192)

  • Chapter 9: Inside the life and mind of a natural bodybuilder – Street-smart diet, training, lifestyle and mental toughness strategies - a fascinating look at how an elite-level body is really developed (pgs 194- 222)

  • Chapter 10: A Dissertation In Muscle Mass Construction – a PhD exercise physiologist picks Tom’s brain for his best nutrition and training strategies to pack on the lean muscle (pgs 224 – 249)

  • How Much Does This New E-Book Cost?

    The Fat Burn Files is priced at just $29.95, but for a limited time during our introductory launch, you can order for only $19.95 by simply clicking on the link below.

    Self Image Secrets

    Note: When you click on the order link below, you will be taken to the clickbank secure order form on the next page to finalize your order (the secure order page looks like this):

    Click Here Now to Order THE FAT BURN FILES for only $19.95


    Tom Venuto

    PS. Do you already own the ebook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle? If not, and if your #1 goal is losing body fat, then you can order both, BURN THE FAT, and THE FAT BURN FILES together in a special value package by visiting:

    To Order The Fat Burn Files E-book By itself for only $19.95, click here now!

    PPS. Remember, the regular price of The Fat Burn Files is $29.95, so take advantage of this early bird discount now while you still can!

    PPPS. ALL of my ebooks come with a 60 Day Money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk for you to preview the book. CLICK HERE
    to order on a 60-day guranteed-refund-if-not-satisfied basis.

    The Fat Burn Files is a downloadable ebook in PDF format. This ebook is NOT available in hard copy and is NOT available in bookstores. It is exclusively an Internet product. No physical products are shipped - you get an instand download so you can start reading within seconds after you order.

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